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Bridal bouquet types

Bouquet: this type of bouquet is one of the most demanded by brides. It is a round bouquet simulating a half sphere. Its diameter does not usually measure more than 30 centimeters and is composed of smaller flowers. This type of bouquet is ideal for wedding dresses with a simple bodice and a more elaborate skirt, such as princess wedding dresses or wedding dresses with a voluminous skirt.

Wild: very fashionable bouquet nowadays. It is composed of any type of seasonal flower. It is characterized by being casual, simple, with a lot of fall and a boho touch. It is ideal if you have chosen to celebrate a country or rustic wedding. If you have decided to wear a languid wedding dress with light fabrics and a lot of movement, with lace or embroidered flowers, this bouquet is yours.

Asymmetrical: One of the most seen bouquets in bridal and inspiration blogs. It is a bouquet formed by very different flowers placed in such a way that they seem disorderly but are perfectly designed to be placed strategically. They are ideal if combined in powdered tones with halter neck wedding dresses, simple yet sophisticated, and sweetheart neckline wedding dresses, where the bouquet takes an important role.

Long-stemmed: This is a style of bouquet that can be similar to the bouquet but differs in the type of flower and the stem of the flowers, much longer and thinner. They are perfect for tall women who will have to choose, for their big day, a wedding dress for tall women. Elegance and sobriety that contrast with colorful and simple flowers.

Cascade: This is a bouquet in which the flowers fall down in a cascade, as the name suggests. They are very vertical and ideal for tall brides. It is a classic style that goes very well if you opt for a bridal veil. Currently it is a less used bouquet, but if combined with the right flowers, it can be perfect for your big day.

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