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Vendela - Roses (25)

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Named after a Norwegian-Swedish model; Vendela Maria Kirsebom; this Rosaprima champagne ivory rose is the most popular and most widely used wedding flower in the industry.


  • Rose stems should be cut and rehydrated upon receipt and the farm sleeve and protective cardboard insert should be left on for the first 4 hours of hydration.

  • All buckets; vases and tools used to cut and re hydrate roses must be clean and bacteria free. Professional cleaning agents are available from major floral preservative manufacturers such as Chrysal and Floralife and are preferred over the traditional method of cleaning with bleach.

  • Roses should be hydrated using cool or room temperature water(10 to 20 degrees C) and; when using a proper floral preservative; can be hydrated in the cooler.

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